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RCI owns no resorts, it is simply an exchange company, and an outstanding one at that, however I appear to have better luck in exchanging, using my RCI Points. But for specific locations where somebody desires absolute 100% guarantee of staying in a timeshare reviews particular resort at a specific time, that person can only achieve that 100% warranty by owning in that resort during the week(s) preferred.

For those individuals, RCI Points is an outstanding option. Most likely the least recognized feature of RCI Points is that conventional timeshare "weeks" owners might have the opportunity to utilize what they currently own, not as weeks, however as RCI Points, by utilizing the RCI Points For Deposit program. I use this program myself to be able to use RCI Points with my ownerships in non-points resorts.

The points can be exchanged through RCI for shorter or longer trips in any unit size desired, as well as for travel-related items, consisting of airfare, cruises, vehicle leasing, and hotel bookings. If you want to stay somewhere there is no timeshare, you can use your points for hotels. Or, perhaps you just want to utilize your points for cruises or airline tickets, or automobile rentals, or any combination thereof.



The points can be invested similar to dollars and every year you get your brand-new yearly allocation of indicate invest. Let's say you own 36,000 points a year If you use your points on RCI Instantaneous exchange (45 days of less in advance of travel date), it just takes 9,000 points to stay a full week in a 2 or three bed room condo with full kitchen area.

If your upkeep cost is $800 for the year that suggests your expense for the four weeks getaway is $200 weekly (how do i get a free timeshare vacation). ($800 divided by 4). Now you know why RCI Points are so popular. RCI points can be made use of by calling the RCI 800 number, or logging into the RCI website if you have an account setup Any usage of RCI Points includes being able to verify an exchange OTHER THAN for use in your own resort.

The term for non-timeshare items is RCI Points "Partners", and you can access the options for usage by calling the RCI 800 number, or logging into the RCI website! RCI Points costs chart is located here: RCI Points Fees Chart You will have two RCI accounts but only one yearly subscription charge.

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You can utilize your weeks account and your points account as different transactions. Likewise if you own your weeks in particular resorts that certify, you might be able to deposit your weeks and Virginia timeshare company use them as RCI Points. This question makes a void presumption that the only way to own RCI Points is to "convert" a weeks ownership to a points ownership.

As I explained previously in this article, I think it is smart to own both RCI Weeks AND RCI Points for the reasons currently mentioned. RCI Points is an extremely broad and included topic. This short article barely touches the surface, however ideally it assists, for a more comprehensive guide of RCI Points, you can read this article: RCI Points vs RCI Weeks A comparison chart of all the major Timeshare Point Systems ownership programs it is offered here! Go to the Timeshare Users Group Exchanging Conversation Forum where 10s of countless owners gather to give and get help 24 hours a day.